# Welcome [[Critical Thinking MOC|Critical Thinking]] is in short supply. The purpose of this site is to provide high quality resources to help combat [[Misinformation|misinformation]] (wherever it may originate) and provide the reader with pertinent and accurate information for education/debate - be it as in your face as [[Facemask MOC|Facemasks]] or more insidious as per #Propaganda/Constant. Remember... > "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" > - [[Joseph Goebels]] We currently face dystopian narratives w.r.t. topics such as - [[COVID19 MOC|COVID-19]] - [[Climate Change MOC|Climate Change]] - [[Digitial Identity MOC|Digital Identity]] - [[Transhumansim MOC|Transhumanism]] > Whilst the 'truth' can be subjective, there are those of us (self ascribed as 'Red Pilled') who see a world in trouble and in need of awakening others to the plight of our collective peril... > ![[ThePersuadables.png]] > The 'Blue Pilled' are on the other end of the spectrum and will not respond to reasoned argument, they alas will [[You were told to|do as they are told]]. > > They 'believe' in [[Scientism|The Science]] and would throw belief back in our face with the insidious #Conspiracy/Theorist label to shut down debate. > > This is as far as a reasoned argument can penetrate their grey matter. > > Thankfully, there are many more people who are persuadable to logic and critical argument/thinking. We need to find solutions for - [[A Brighter Future MOC|a brighter future...]] ## Quick Links - [[Selected Shockers]] - [[FAQ]] - [[TagSearch|Hashtag Search]]^[All tags sorted by frequency] - Sample hashtags:^[**Note:** The tags are in the singular as each file is uploaded and tagged accordingly, but **clicking** on the hashtags will show how many Analyses, Memes, Videos etc... there are] - for example - #Meme - ![[ORWELL+SURPRISE+200.jpg|400]] - #Analysis #Podcast #PointOfInterest #Post #Question/Answered #Quote #Video etc... - #WorkInProgress^[Items which have not had notes fully explored yet but contain thought provoking information] --- ![[Footer]]